Enterprise System Application Services

Don’t waste time and money wrestling with your piecemeal data. Embrace enterprise application integration and create the complete solution you need.

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Information Highways with Software Integration Solutions to put you on the Road to Success

CAPSHER works with your IT team to get an understanding of the different ERPs powering your organization. As part of our enterprise application integration, we then create an integration infrastructure that provides the connective tissue between your systems to better facilitate communication by pulling and pushing data, getting your organization closer to a single source of truth.

Be Free of Information Silos – In a Secure and Safe Infrastructure
  • Create and manage a functional infrastructure vs. nodes of data and activity
  • Integrate data and stitch together workflows to get the most comprehensive information possible
  • Get closer to the data management holy grail – The Golden Record


Architecture is the Key to an Efficient and Trustworthy Integrated System

Your enterprise may accumulate systems over years of operation that are not compatible or don’t easily communicate. These systems may replicate data or often times create conflicting records. CAPSHER architects and engineers will design a data pipeline that will create clean points of integration for your software and help create data you can trust.

  • Don’t get bogged down solving technology problems. We’re here for that.
  • Our Architecture and Consulting Teams have decades of experience
  • We create clean, efficient and robust system architectures to incorporate your software
  • Our consultants ensure that every system design actually meets your business needs

Tired of software that isn’t customized to your needs?

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When Managing Everything Separately is too Difficult, it’s Time to Integrate

It isn’t just about data. Your business has to be able to manage the environments, technologies, applications, and hardware that keep everything working. Eventually, the challenge of managing the widening gaps between each component begins to limit your ability to use them to their fullest potential. Integration can bridge those gaps and create glue to get more of your solutions working together.

Signs Your System is Disjointed:

  • Your organization is running multiple ERPs all sitting on different data technologies
  • No clean points of integration such as APIs or message queues
  • Legacy software running alongside, new, more modern software
  • A mix of pen/paper, spreadsheets, and enterprise systems powering your organization

Trust in CAPSHER’s Application Integration Expertise

CAPSHER has over 20 years of experience migrating and integrating legacy and modern enterprise platforms. We’ve built custom integration services that reside on-premise or in the cloud. Through our business application integration, our expert architects and consultants can navigate your organization’s network of ERPs to map a custom-tailored strategy to consolidate, document, and publish your data.