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Technology Should Answer to Business Strategy, not Dictate it.

When searching for the right solution, Off the Shelf (OTS) options can be very appealing. But, despite the allure of a quick leap into a digital solution, there is more to consider long term. Capsher knows OTS solutions are key aspects of any business, but we also know your business needs more than just a standalone, generic solution to fulfill your business goals.

Your business is unique, and generic OTS software solutions inevitably leave gaps in your organization. People fill those gaps with manual processes, duplicate data entry, and other workarounds, that can be inefficient and error prone. But – what got you here won’t push you into the future. Move away from devising compromising workarounds and aim to advance the solution with the addition of custom software. Start with our digital transformation consulting.

The results of using a generic solution is a compromise that can and will

  • Slow innovation in your organization
  • Reduce your ability to stay flexible and nimble
  • Become constrained by working within the limits of the technology
  • Force your business to fit into the technology, rather than putting your technology to work for your business

Custom Software in Digital Transformation Shouldn’t Be a Disrupting Event

It has been said that digital transformation should be an evolution, not a revolution. Start small and targeted. There is no need to replace your existing enterprise solutions just because they leave gaps. CAPSHER will help you fill the gaps and pull your systems together.

With our digital transformation strategies in place, your business will see vast improvements in productivity and efficiency. We understand the potential in digital innovations and how best to leverage them to address the gaps that you are currently facing. Our solutions are practical, results-oriented, and built to give you real-world value.

Let’s get started. Our team will

  • Understanding the gaps and evaluate their impact
  • Prioritize these needs based on the greatest risks and ROI
  • Consider all aspects of your business strategy
  • Create a transformation roadmap that’s practical and results-oriented

Tired of software that isn’t customized to your needs?

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Indicators of a disjointed solution set and interrupted information flow
  • Lost productivity
  • Low employee morale
  • Low solution adoption rates
  • Wasted dollars
How to craft the right digital solution
  • Your people “make it work,” and have the information you need to make the right tools
  • Map and modeling real world workflows
  • Design functional flows that map over real workflows
  • Create opportunities for measurable results
CAPSHER follows these key tenants to design tools people actually want to use
  • Don’t make me think
  • Don’t give me more work
  • Don’t make me look stupid

Digital Transformation is a Journey, not a Destination

Digital transformation is not a once and done effort. It is a new mindset and strategic shift for your organization. Identifying issues and pain points can help you understand your needs. Digital Transformation as a strategy can benefit your business well beyond answering those needs.

Some long term benefits to expect
  • Reduce Waste – Identify the areas that are holding you back and remove them
  • Focus on People – Give them the tools they need to do their job and do it well
  • Create a Culture of Accountability and Transparency – Remove silos and encourage collaboration
  • Smarter and Faster – Provide more opportunities for informed decision making and fast execution
  • Optimized and Efficient – Digital solutions promote innovation and an organization that is agile in response to market and industry demands.

Digital Transformation Toolbox

CAPSHER is your experienced and capable partner with a wide range of digital transformation enablers and tools including: