IT System Integration Services

Get Exactly What you Need out of Embedded Systems Software Without Compromising Function or Efficiency

At Any Stage of the Game, CAPSHER is your Teammate for Expert Embedded System Integration

CAPSHER will work closely with your hardware engineering team to create middleware and application layer interfaces into your hardware and firmware that are fit for your purpose. If you are starting from scratch, CAPSHER can provide our experience-based input and craft high-quality embedded systems integration solutions to augment and support the hardware you develop.

  • Just Getting Started? We will work alongside you to design and implement with the end in mind.
  • Realizing there are ways your hardware could do better? CAPSHER will come in to identify and incorporate better-embedded systems middleware and apps.
  • Have a functional system that needs updating, to meet the expectations of today’s users? CAPSHER is your team for brushing up, modifying, and enhancing what you already have in place.

Extend the Value of Your Hardware into the Human Interface

It’s easy for great hardware to be mired by bad human interface design. Ultimately, regardless of how good your hardware is, stakeholders and end-users are only interested in what they can see and touch. Leverage our application design experience to augment and complement your hardware.

  • We Design for the Purpose of the Hardware, the System, AND the Goals of the People Using Them
  • Middleware and Application Interface UX Design is Important, too
    Don’t undercut an amazing hardware network by saddling it with an underwhelming UX/UI
  • Learn more about CAPSHER UX Design

Keep it Fresh – Don’t Let Your Systems Look Old and Outdated

Letting your interfaces and control systems grow outdated and “old-looking” will lead people to make assumptions about the hardware as well. Keep people engaged and trusting that your technologies are up to date and valuable in today’s world.

Signs that your embedded system software isn’t giving you full value:

  • Stakeholders and end-users not engaging with the product
  • The interface is tired or overly complicated
  • Your interface that’s showing its age and not representing the great hardware underneath

Tired of custom software that isn’t customized to your needs?

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CAPSHER is Your Experienced and Knowledgeable Partner to Extend the Value of Hardware

We have years of experience across domains in both industrial and consumer electronics applications development, interfacing with off-the-shelf, and custom hardware platforms. Our engineers are well versed in embedded system application frameworks, messaging protocols, and OS Hardware abstractions and platform services.