Data Visualization Solutions

CAPSHER Puts Decades of Experience in Engineering and Scientific Visualization and Digitalization at Your Fingertips

If A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Imagine the Value of Simulations that Can be Easily Manipulated

CAPSHER will work with you to simplify and demystify visualization of scientific and engineering data, information, processes, systems, and behaviors. We have decades of experience building from raw data or reverse engineering processes to create digital twins, dashboards, and analysis platforms that can be easily manipulated or quickly stitched together for better, faster insights and reporting. Quick, workable modeling and simulations can set you ahead by leaps and bounds.

Taking advantage of CAPSHER’s visualization experience and abilities will get you:

  • Purpose-driven dashboards and reporting views
  • Consolidate and stitch together data from different sources
  • Create powerful analytics tools and platforms

Create Rich Reporting Using All Your Data Sources

Don’t let the cumbersome chore of stitching data together get in the way of creating comprehensive, useful reporting! Integrate and use all your data sources for rich, robust reports, dashboards, and interactive interfaces. If you have ever thought “I wish I could see…” you already know where value can be added. CAPSHER can bring that to life for you with a well-designed, fully functional custom visualization solution.

  • CAPSHER has Decades of Experience and Expertise in Crafting Engineering and Scientific Visualization Solutions
  • Avoid the degradation of valuable tools, keep them working and ready to move forward with your business as it advances
  • Avoid total overhauls or big dollar purchases of new systems by keeping what you have alive and well

Tired of custom software that isn’t customized to your needs?

Schedule a 30 minute, virtual operations evaluation with our custom software developers today!

CAPSHER has decades of experience and expertise in crafting engineering and scientific visualization solutions.

We don’t experiment with shiny new rendering kits or tools. CAPSHER builds reliable, real visualization tools and platforms.

CAPSHER Won’t Constrain You to Pre-Packaged Dashboards and Displays

Enjoy the Freedom to Incorporate:
  • Animated Simulations
  • User Manipulated Displays
  • Real Time Data Feeds
  • Trends and High Level Snapshots
  • Instant, On-the-Fly Calculations
  • You dream it… We’ll make it happen