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Custom software solutions for Industrial Tools and Hardware eliminate costly interruptions to operations. Built for purpose custom software can keep your operations running efficiently.

Custom Software Solutions for Industrial Tools and Equipment

Innovate to Keep your Business Running at its Best

Custom Software Solutions bring endless opportunities for optimizing management, maintenance, and operations. Incorporate today’s technologies like IoT, Edge Computing, Industry 4.0, and more to leverage equipment, machinery, and hardware that already runs your business.

Minimize downtime and maximize revenue.

Identify unique needs sooner, make sure equipment is in the right place at the right time, optimize system operations and interactions, ensure people have the right information quickly enough do their jobs efficiently, and digitize your unique business make decisions smarter and sooner.

What challenges can we help you overcome?
Current state-of-the-art frameworks creating state-of-the-art compromise?

Products often force compromise when configurations and customizations fall short of getting you what you really need. Avoid workarounds and added effort with custom solutions that will fill the gaps.

Caught up in a blame game?

Move past finding who or what to blame for information gaps or stalling progress. CAPSHER custom development and consulting teams will get you back on track and drive for success.

Have something that gets the job done, but need a solution that does more?

Whether it’s a spreadsheet or a strategy to create an application or platform to support your business and operations, we’ll work with you to design and build a custom solution.

Ever think there are ways to be more efficient with what you already have?

Find opportunities to create practical, reliable, and timely improvements. We’ve done it before, and we can help walk through your workflows and operations to identify ways to maximize value and efficiency.

Is information moving slowly or getting lost?
Think there are ways to get better data? and more of it?
Have a good workflow that deserves to be digitized and shared?
Tired of apps, systems, and dashboards that aren’t customized to your needs?

Configuring only gets you so far – Invest in custom development and enjoy the benefits and seamless use of built-for-purpose software that people want to use.

Frustrated by avoidable downtime and asset loss?
Ready to go from reactive to proactive?

Use custom software systems and apps to create links between the people and parts doing work to the decision-makers, giving faster and better insights and meaningful information that will help stay ahead and avoid issues before they arise.

Win the Battle Against Downtime and Asset Loss

Custom Software solutions bring endless opportunities for maximizing revenue, like identifying maintenance needs sooner, making sure assets are in the right place at the right time, optimizing logistics, ensuring people have what they need to do their jobs efficiently, or digitizing work to create fast and reliable information pipelines for making decisions smarter and sooner.

How much revenue are you losing? Why?

Dealing with Downtime that could have been avoided?

Slow, lazy, or incomplete information can slow everything down, making serious impact on productivity, and allow easily avoidable failures.

Go from Reactive to Proactive with Better, Faster, and Relevant Maintenance Information.

Your people that know your operations and equipment like the back of their hands. Leverage IOT and custom software solutions to get information that is timely, accurate, and reliable.

Custom Solution Toolbox

CAPSHER is your experienced and capable partner with a wide range of innovative enablers and tools including: