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It’s the largest sector of the energy market and a primary driver of the global economy. CAPSHER has decades of experience creating innovative and hugely valuable custom software solutions in Oil and Gas.

Custom Software Built from Experience 

With three decades of experience, Capsher Technologies can develop software solutions tailored to your specific business needs. Our experts address

  • Productivity
  • Data Collection and Management
  • Security
  • Quality Assurance

We create programs using a boots-on-the-ground approach. Our team walks the production floor or office with your team, observing how they perform tasks, record information, and analyze data. From there, software that improves productivity, minimizes risks, and simplifies organization is custom-built.

Maximize Your People And Assets 

Our custom-created oil and gas software solutions span multiple technologies, from cloud to mobile, and easily integrate with existing IT infrastructure. Here are examples of what we can create:

Advanced Analytics

Provide valuable insights into the operational efficiency and overall performance of your processes, like real-time forecasting, lifecycle tracking, volumetric readings or measurements, data management, trends analysis, and budgeting.

Contract Management Solutions

Help you keep vendors organized while simplifying contracts and asset management. Easy-to-use tools promote efficient workflows, from automated document generation to closing deals.

Transportation Management Software

Developed from the ground up, improving your supply chain by keeping track of vehicles. Manage fleet usage, reduce fuel costs, schedule maintenance, and optimize routes, reducing delays and safety hazards while improving transit time.

Risk Management Software

Custom-designed software to pinpoint potential risks and areas of improvement, like monitoring equipment lifecycles, to avoid unwanted downtime and avoid additional expenditures.

Scheduling Solutions

Allocate personnel effectively, schedule shifts and activities in a unified platform, so you can respond quickly to down or busy times.

Custom Training Courses

Maximize productivity with training software developed from scratch. Keep employees informed and safe.

We work with you to define your problem and determine success using tangible and measurable goals and criteria. Afterward, our team designs a solution that meets the requirements. All information is presented in a way that’s relatable to your business, including language and terminology.

Custom Software Development for Oil and Gas

CAPSHER’s extensicve technology experience and expertise in the energy sector means we can tailor custom software development services to the needs of any business operating in the petroleum industry.

Why Custom Software?

  • Better User Experience
  • Specialized Tasks
  • Reproducable Workflows
  • Improved Agility
  • Secure Operations

Custom Software Solutions for Oil and Gas

Information Ready to Consume

Custom Software solutions bring endless opportunities for getting battle ready and maximizing revenue. Get what you need without having to do more processing or interpretation. 

Identify maintenance needs sooner, make sure assets are in the right place at the right time, optimize logistics, ensure people have what they need to do their jobs efficiently, or digitizing work to create fast and reliable information pipelines for making decisions smarter and sooner.

What challenges can we help you overcome?

Current state-of-the-art frameworks creating state-of-the-art compromise?

Products often force compromise when configurations and customizations fall short of getting you what you really need. Avoid workarounds and added effort with custom solutions that will fill the gaps.

Caught up in a blame game?

Move past finding who or what to blame for information gaps or stalling progress. CAPSHER custom development and consulting teams will get you back on track and drive for success.

Have something that gets the job done, but need a solution that does more?

Whether it’s a spreadsheet or a strategy to create an application or platform to support your business and operations, we’ll work with you to design and build a custom solution.

Ever think there are ways to be more efficient with what you already have?

Find opportunities to create practical, reliable, and timely improvements. We’ve done it before, and we can help walk through your workflows and operations to identify ways to maximize value and efficiency.

Is information moving slowly or getting lost?
Think there are ways to get better data? and more of it?
Have a good workflow that deserves to be digitized and shared?
Tired of apps, systems, and dashboards that aren’t customized to your needs?

Configuring only gets you so far – Invest in custom development and enjoy the benefits and seamless use of built-for-purpose software that people want to use.

Frustrated by avoidable downtime and asset loss?
Ready to go from reactive to proactive?

Use custom software systems and apps to create links between the people and parts doing work to the decision-makers, giving faster and better insights and meaningful information that will help stay ahead and avoid issues before they arise.

Win the Battle Against Downtime and Asset Loss

Custom Software solutions bring endless opportunities for maximizing revenue, like identifying maintenance needs sooner, making sure assets are in the right place at the right time, optimizing logistics, ensuring people have what they need to do their jobs efficiently, or digitizing work to create fast and reliable information pipelines for making decisions smarter and sooner.

How much revenue are you losing? Why?

Dealing with Downtime that could have been avoided?

Slow, lazy, or incomplete information can slow everything down, making serious impact on productivity, and allow easily avoidable failures.

Go from Reactive to Proactive with Better, Faster, and Relevant Maintenance Information.

Your people that know your operations and equipment like the back of their hands. Leverage IOT and custom software solutions to get information that is timely, accurate, and reliable.

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Custom Solution Toolbox

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