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CAPSHER is nimble, fast, and ready to step up to the challenge of your struggling project and move it forward

Do You Know What to Ask When Hiring a Custom Software Development Company?

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring The Right Software Developer

Your team is “On It,” but the pace isn’t there… What now?

Are you hearing your team say “we just need two more weeks”? And have they been saying that for the past two months? Whether your project is bigger than anticipated or has gone off track, you want someone who can come in without an agenda to help get things back on track.

How can we help? CAPSHER works closely with your internal development team or contractors, leveraging ours over 20 years of experience architecting robust enterprise systems to solve the most complicated or daunting technical risks and hurdles. We’re rocket fuel for your software development process, quickly jumping in, rolling up our sleeves, and getting your team past the finish line, on time and under budget.

  • Accelerate timelines to meet business objectives
  • Supplement expertise to move at the speed of experience
  • Revitalize a struggling project and get it back on track

Tired of software that isn’t customized to your needs?

Schedule a 30 minute, virtual operations evaluation with our custom software team today!

CAPSHER is a team you can be confident in, that will create a solution you can have confidence in.

If your core offering is not software, it can be hard to justify staffing up with the best developers. This can often mean that your teams move at the speed of discovery, constantly hitting technical hurdles. Bringing on a team of seasoned architects, designers, and engineers can help lay the foundation that will make your team successful and give you the confidence that the product is being built the ‘right’ way.

  • Non-technical barriers need to be identified and discussed
  • When the approach to build a solution is not aligned with organizational realities, disaster will follow
  • With Capsher, get a team of experienced professionals to drive success

You Need to Get Across the Finish Line… Sooner… 

The most well intended approach can generate extensive delays, cost overruns, and lack of enthusiasm. Missed deadlines, bloated budgets, your development team constantly begging for more time and resources. If you can’t get straight answers about what’s being built and when it’s going to be done, we can help come in and increase your visibility and provide the type of accountability that you’re looking for.

  • Political, cultural, and organizational understanding are just as important as product requirements when building the right approach
  • Creating a practical, real-world approach to deliver increasing business value will launch the project to success
  • Total transparency and accountability in our process and project management ensures that you will never be in the dark

You can’t build what you can’t explain.

That is the core mantra that drives our development process. All of our architects and engineers are well versed in design thinking and markers and whiteboards have been a core part of our development process since our company’s inception. We meet deadlines and budgets not because we can code faster, but because we take the time to truly understand the problem and make it so that you understand how we’re going to solve it.