Business Software Project Rescue

Don’t burn more valuable time and resources. CAPSHER is nimble, fast, and ready to jump in.

Do You Know What to Ask When Hiring a Custom Software Development Company?

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring The Right Software Developer

Initial Plans Haven’t Gotten you Where You Want to Be

The vision was great, the need is there, and it’s mission-critical. Somehow, development has stalled out and your project isn’t scalable, expandible, or progressing the way you need it to. Whatever got you to this point clearly isn’t going to drive your project to success.  It’s time to bring CAPSHER in to assess, re-focus, and streamline the path to success.

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Common Causes of Project Stalls or Failure

  • Scope Creep Pulled You Off-Target
  • Sloppy Code is Taking Your Team Too Long to Clean Up or Debug
  • Limitations are Holding Your Business Back
  • There’s a Lot of Activity, but Not Enough Progress

What are the Symptoms of a Project that Needs Rescuing?

Our custom maintenance solutions are built for purpose to match your business and IT needs. We design them to be secure, scalable, and robust. We can integrate with major IoT systems, EAM, CMMS, and CRM systems. We use mature technologies that are easy to maintain and support. Instead of a black box with no ability to change, you will get a rich ecosystem that your organization can grow and maintain.

  • Multiple Sprints With No Deliverables
  • Churn and Dropping Velocity
  • Endless Meetings But No Demos
  • No or Slow Communication
  • All News is Good News (Let’s be honest… There’s always bad news)
  • No Clear, Simple Expectations
  • Team Turnover
  • Above All – If your Gut tells you something’s off.. IT IS

Tired of software that isn’t customized to your needs?

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Take Back Control of Your Project with CAPSHER on Your Side

We are a “Get it Done” group, with a strong drive to meet goals and turn out quality deliverables while working in the methodologies your organization needs. We’ll own your goals and vision as we assess the situation and create a real, achievable, and strategic plan to push through the roadblocks to success, and align expectations.

CAPSHER’s Professional, Experienced Team will Assess and Review What You’ve Got, including:

  • IP and NDA Protection
  • High Quality Testing and Evaluation
  • Honest and Real Assessment and Recommendations, whether that includes doing more business with us or not.

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