Custom ERP Software Development

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Your Employees Find Ways to Increase Efficiency Despite Your Enterprise Software

Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, chances are that in spite of all of your expensive ERP software, spreadsheets are the real information bridge between your operations and management. Spreadsheets have long been a playground for the most innovative and forward thinking employees just trying to get their work done. They give your employees a toolkit to fill the gaps between the constrained tools they’ve been provided and the ability to manage all the work they need to get done.

Stopgap Solutions – Like Spreadsheets and Scripts – Are Ticking Time Bombs

Don’t Put Your Business at the Mercy of the Few that Understand these Tools

Stopgap solutions like spreadsheets and scripts keep your organization running, but come at a cost. Data captured in these tools is seldom easily available as information for strategic decision-making by management. When it is reported, the information can be unreliable, unclear, or too granular to be meaningful at a glance. These tools are at the mercy of the few that understand them and can be lost as people move, leaving costly information gaps. Finally, unprotected spreadsheets containing valuable IT and data are a significant security risk.

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Embrace Innovation by Integrating it into Your Business

Despite the risks, those spreadsheets contain important innovations. Your people are telling you exactly what’s missing in your ERP ecosystem. Don’t squander that knowledge. Let us help you learn from their work. We can help you understand the natural workflows that these spreadsheets accommodate, and put together a plan to incorporate the value add of ad hoc tools into enterprise-grade software within your organization’s IT infrastructure, and puts you back in the driver’s seat.

We create targeted custom software solutions that are:

  • Replacements for Stop-Gap Tools
  • Robust and Expansible
  • Secure
  • Better Sources for Data Driven Information