Business Software Prototype Services

Get a functioning prototype of your app and let people experience the concept quicker and with a low overhead.

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Need Help Proving a Concept’s Worth? Create a Functional Prototype that Actually Works but won’t Break the Bank

Pictures say a thousand words, but how much more of the story can you tell when people can take control and move through something that’s real and actually works? Prove your concepts and let people experience the intent behind the concepts and sketches of information and elements on a screen.

  • Low Cost of Entry
  • High Payout on Technical Development
  • Create a Mechanism to Drive Understanding and Conversation

You Don’t Have to Bet the Farm to Get a Real, Working User Interface

Quick, Functional, and Affordable. Prototyping is a means to get your audience into potential solutions, without having to build an entire ecosystem. You don’t always need a scalable, data-driven, production-ready solution. We’ll still move through our proven process to understand, model, and engineer a solution. We understand that the next step isn’t always a full scope Go / No Go. We’ll give you a functional interface to that’s just enough to inform the next decision, make it to the next milestone, and continue building toward your vision.

  • Sell to your stakeholders
  • Immerse them in your vision
  • Prove the impact of the solution
  • Showcase the core components cleanly without battling system complexities
  • Get immediate feedback to inform your next steps
  • Show the capabilities of a nimble and powerful team

Tired of software that isn’t customized to your needs?

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Benefits of a Functional Prototype

At the user interaction level, your prototype will be a basic form presentation focusing on orientation, navigation, and information. We’ll add the pretty paint and polish the UI later. Give everyone a chance to see and feel how a new application will change how things are being done. Get immediate and informed feedback on your concepts and solution as we bring it to life with low overhead and the ability to fail fast, toss what isn’t working, and let experience in the solution drive its own design.

  • Faster, Cheaper Working Application
  • Proof of Concept to Vet and Showcase
  • Reduce Risk and Security Concerns with a Standalone Prototype
  • Show All the Functionality and User Flows You Want and Need
  • Give Stakeholders Something REAL to Experience and be Inspired By