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We like beautiful software, but if it doesn’t help you get your work done faster, better, and contribute to your bottom line, then what are you getting out of it?

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UX Software Design Solutions

We know that tastes change and beauty fades. That’s why our approach to UX design is centered around the practical, real-world needs of users. Our product designers embed themselves with your end-users and observe how they get work done day in and day out. We want to understand your business better than you do so that we can build software that reflects who you are and how you do business.

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Designs for Those that Refuse to Compromise

You can’t code your way out of a bad design.

We work best with people who are confident that their product or service is unique and unmatched. It’s people like this, people who push the boundaries of their industry that benefit the most from custom software. For those individuals, we don’t come to the table with tired, cookie-cutter designs. We match your passion with a carefully crafted product that represents your organization’s trailblazing spirit. If what your business offers is one of a kind, then no off-the-shelf solution will do. Don’t compromise because you don’t think you can afford custom design. We’ve created custom software and interfaces for products ranging from $60K to $1M+ budgets.

UX Design

We Want and Value Your Ideas and Input

What we do is not magic. We don’t hide away in our offices, slaving over a design, only to push mockups over for your approval. Our design process requires your presence and engagement. You’ll be an integral part of each of our design sprints, helping design the look, feel, and flow of your application. Your hands and clothes will be covered in markerboard ink by the end, but you’ll own the design because you helped make it.

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Six Reasons to Work with CAPSHER for UX Design 

Whether you just need UX Design or full-cycle custom software development that incorporates UX design, here are six reasons you will be in good hands with CAPSHER.

  1. We’ve created designs for a multitude of platforms including web, mobile, desktop, and custom hardware interfaces.
  2. We come to the table with knowledge and experience, not answers. We look, learn, and listen, then create a design language that’s all your own.
  3. From crude wireframes and paper mockups to beautiful pixel-perfect prototypes, our process is transparent, iterative, and collaborative. We’ll be constantly working with you to push the design forward and showing you evidence along the way.
  4. Our design process is outcome-based, not output-based. We don’t move forward until we’re satisfied that you own the design and that our designs match your expectations.
  5. We validate and test our designs with your end users and make sure that by the time the application launches, they’re familiar, comfortable, and championing the system.
  6. Our software stands the test of time. We don’t chase the latest design trends. We stick to tried and true patterns that have helped us deliver software that is still running 10+ years on.

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