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Rather Than Change How You Operate, We Design Your Software Based On Your Real World


Your Business Deserves the Right Solution. But You Don’t Have to Have It All Figured Out

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Many enterprise software developers, particularly near-shore and offshore providers, expect you to hand them a design spec or detailed requirements to implement. That’s not how we operate. CAPSHER expects you to come with knowledge – knowledge of the business, knowledge of the particular part of the business needing help, and access to the people that are living the “problem”. We join your team, learn how you do business, speak your language, and create a strategy and enterprise software design service that answers your specific business needs.

No one knows your business more than you do. We are here to boost your performance. Our enterprise software design services are all about finding the right, practical solutions to your specific problems. We find the answers by building a relationship with your business and learning about the real-world issues that need to be addressed.

Do you know what to ask when hiring a custom software development company?

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We Focus on How Your Users Get Real Work Done

We start with how you make money and how the problem you are solving is related to this key business driver. Then we talk to end users to understand how they get their job done, how they interact with each other, share information, and what a “job well done” looks like to them. We need to understand these ‘natural workflows’ before trying to create software interactions with out enterprise software development to improve what they already do day-to-day.

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Software That Your Users Will Like–and Use!

Our consultants have simple guidelines when crafting these interactions for users:

Understand how users get real work done in their day-to-day environment

Build software workflows that give end-users something of value for them
Follow three basic rules: don’t make users think, don’t make them look stupid, and don’t give them more work
Start with a simple, practical interface before trying something novel


Now You Are Ready for a Custom Software Project

What do you get at the completion of a CAPSHER discovery engagement? Several artifacts you may find useful even if you don’t decide to pursue the full development project – although we certainly hope you do!

Clear and concise statements of your business problem and solution, written in plain English

A high-level technical architecture for solving your problem

A high-level implementation plan showing how we can stage the software development to deliver early an ongoing value add throughout the implementation process
Estimates of the resources, time and budget that will be required to bring your vision to reality