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"This is a high visibility, high impact, high profile success for us."
Operations Planning Manager
"Huge success… this initiative helped us immensely. I see the POC process as the string used to pull cable through conduit, a focused initiative that allows for the production version to reach its goal with minimized friction. In this sense, the lead line can actually help to pull the production version through the system. Great work, and again thank you!! "
Director of Product Development
"It’s pretty badass, I hindcast drilling, trip out and casing runs for 4 wells. In all it took about 90 minutes and most of that was f*cking around. Hindcasting 4 wells to that level of detail would have taken at least 3 full days, maybe a week for me before. "
Technology Development Manager and Former Drilling Engineer
"Technically astute and remarkably productive with a strong ability to grasp new concepts and try new technologies. The record-keeping is fastidious. All work has been well-received, and the people are genuinely nice. I enjoy working with CAPSHER, and every one of our team members feel the same way. "
Project Manager
"We're getting great feedback on the proof of concept work you all have done. It is installed and the client reports that "[we] blew some minds today with the POC! It’s quite stellar and IT LOOKS GREAT"
Director of Products Development
"During a demo, the users couldn’t believe how much information the system gives them, and how user friendly it is. They were very impressed with the system. "
Senior Program Manager of Digital Enterprise Asset Management
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