The imagination to dream it,
the guts to go for it,
and the talent to pull it off.

We are your custom software team!

Custom software applications and platforms, reliable,
easy to use, and built for purpose.

Custom Software Development Company

CAPSHER is a practical, real-world, results-oriented and relationship-driven company. We have decades of experience building technology solutions for real-world problems. We drive hard to get the job done and move the business needle while giving each client what they need to push their solutions to success and keep them there.

Software Strategy and Design

Starting from scratch, scaling, or bridging a gap, we’ll join your team to design the right strategy and technical solution.

Software Application Development

We are ready to meet your needs with the power and expertise of our in house development teams.

Project Acceleration

We have the experience, desire, and talent to help accelerate your software development roadmap.

Project Rescue

We can evaluate and document your software solutions and get you back in control and on track to meet your business goals.

Software Maintenance and Sustaining

Our team can assist you in maintaining, enhancing, and sustaining work on your existing software.

Startup Prototyping

We can partner with you to find the right proof of concept or prototype application to move your company to the next level.

Results oriented team

26 years in business

10.3 years average experience

300+ Applications

Millions of End Users

Intelligent Maintenance
Applications and Platforms

If operations and business is outpacing your maintenance programming, we can help. Digitizing, tapping into all the information available, and use key metrics to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

Manual Process

Respect for Natural Workflows – how people get their jobs done – is the foundation of bringing software into the working world. We start with organic insertions of technology into natural workflows to create information flow and management opportunities.

Engineering and Scientific
Visualizations and Workflows

Making engineering and scientific data and analyses meaningful to humans is an art and a science. We work with you to identify what you need to know, where that information lies, and how to expose it without losing trust in your data.

Elevating Your
StopGap Solution

You are the expert in running your business. You figured out how to make it work. Now how can we help you scale, expand, and share that? From a spreadsheet to an app or a full-blown suite of products, we can help you leverage your expertise.

We are Practical, Real World, Results Oriented, and Relationship Based.

We have a long history of becoming strong team members alongside clients. We drive for your success, and care about all the people and the work we are engaged with. When it comes to doing what it takes to moving the business needle, we own it and throw all our efforts into making a difference every way we can.

We Are Different

  • Maximize the valuable assets you already have
  • We ONLY create fit for purpose solutions
  • Adaptable, intelligent and willing to try new approaches
  • Open to any technology that gets the job done
  • We are open, honest, and always here to talk
  • Results Oriented – NOT activity oriented