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Quality Assurance & Delivery

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What you End up with Shouldn’t be a Messy Mystery
The purpose of Quality Assurance (QA) is to provide information about the quality of a software package being delivered. At Capsher, we start with risk identification and mitigation from the start of a project, and validate, as efficiently as possible, the product of our work before delivery. QA and support are in the room during design with the rest of the team, understanding the code and what’s actually being built. We go well beyond black-box testing.

We go well beyond black-box testing.


We deliver what we said you’d get.  We confirm that Development built the software according to the technical and business requirements and specifications outlined for the release.

Risk Identification:

We use our knowledge to test the right things at the right times. We bring risks to the forefront so decisions can be made before it’s too late.


We test and ID issues as early as possible, even during design and development We draw from a deep toolkit of functional (WF, business cases, etc) and nonfunctional (usability, deployability, performance), manual and automated testing tools and processes.

Do you know what to ask when hiring a custom software development company?

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 We Test Smarter, Not More.
Our Quality Assurance and Delivery team gets involved early, and works with the consulting and technical designers to understand where they can add the most value by eliminating risk as a project progresses. Deliberate, well designed testing and risk assessment can eliminate countless hours and dollars of ineffective or wasteful testing.
On a recent project, Capsher took our client from over a million test cases to 300 key tests, realizing massive savings in time and resources, and getting test results with more meaningful insight into usability and performance than ever before.
Collaboration with QA during project design work saves time and money
The later you find issues, the more expensive the fix will be
We care about using time and resources efficiently


Our goal is for each client to be a competent, confident champion of the work we do together.
Our clients control their own delivery, code, and documentation. You can choose whether to engage us moving forward. Knowing that it’s your choice, Capsher works to build up each client as an expert in their newly delivered solution. We drive for your success, and provide transparency into the current and future support needs of your solution, to ensure you have the confidence and knowledge to champion the work we’ve done together.
Our Delivery Process and Team Get It Done!
Our delivery team has one goal – successfully deliver software into the hands of our clients. They get this done by planning and testing each delivery in advance, then validating to ensure execution happened as planned, and on schedule. Most development shops only think about the design and punching out code, then leave it to later to figure out how to get it out into use. Capsher expects to close the loop on our deliveries. No tossing over the fence, we work with you to deliver and get what you need out to the endpoints and ensure it works for your business.
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Capsher delivers confidence in the end product.