Enter Your World.
Understand Your Business.
Build the Solution.


We are Practical, Real-World, Results-Oriented, and Relationship-Based.

We hire the best minds we can find and then fight every day for our clients' success. That sounds rather simple, and it is. The software design is the complicated part.

We're at our best when the problems are complex, mission-critical, and dependent upon creative, brilliant solutions. That's the kind of work we love–finding great solutions for problems that matter.

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Expect this from us:


Our approach is realistic and reasonable

Build on the investments you've already made

Staying focused on what you really want and need, and not following trends, doing extra work, or bloating scope

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Real World

Maximize the valuable assets you already have

Adaptable, intelligent and willing to try new approaches

Open to any technology that gets the job done

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Results-Oriented – NOT activity oriented

We ONLY create fit-for-purpose solutions

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We are open, honest, and always here to talk

You aren't going to be 'ghosted' or neglected in any way–that's not how we run Capsher

The best way to fight through problems is with open communication


Refined over the last 28 years, our established process yields reliable results year after year.


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In this phase we work closely with your product owners, stakeholders, domain experts, and end-users to get an understanding of what you want to build and why. We test your business ideas, develop the product concept, and create a roadmap for delivery.

Strategy & Scope

In this phase we work with your product owners and stakeholders to take what we learned in the discovery phase and develop a strategy for delivery. We develop a product scope that works to meet your business needs while taking into consideration your budget and timeline.


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In this phase we’ll work closely with your product owners and end-users to bring to life your product. We’ll iterate on designs until we land on one that fits your customers real world needs. Depending on the type of software we are building, this is where we will focus on UX Design.


In this phase our project manager will work with our implementation team to establish a cadence of delivery that executes on the established roadmap. Our implementation process is completely transparent and requires product ownership to be fully engaged, working with us to vet deliverables and reassess roadmap progress.


In this phase our delivery team will work with our customers to prepare for the final product launch. Our dedicated team of QA and DevOps engineers work with your product ownership to ensure that you’re ready for commercialization.
When you work with Capsher, you control your destiny–we are always able to go back to the drawing board. We prefer to fail early and fast, so that we don't wast time on bad solutions.

You Always Know Where Your Project Stands

Custom software projects often go sideways because of a lack of transparency or poor communications on the part of the software shop. They either choose to hide the truth of the project when the going gets tough, or they speak in technobabble the client just cannot understand.
Your time is too valuable to spend chasing down vendors.
Sprint Planning
Product Owners will be a part of the weekly team planning. You'll always know what we're working on.
Phased Deliverables
Deliverables after every milestone that provide real business value.
No Black Boxes
Your team is critical in our design process. You'll be proud of what we deliver because you will have helped us build it.
Landing the Plane
Success for us is not delivery. We'll work to put you and your team in a place to take ownership of the solution and carry it forward.
ARMING Your IT Department to Handle Your New System

Playing Nice With IT

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Deploying a new software application often means exposing your organization to new maintenance challenges and security issues. Capsher will work with your IT leadership to formulate a strategy that provides them with the visibility and toolsets they need to guarantee the maintainability and security of your custom application long after we’re gone.

Your IT personnel are involved throughout our design and delivery process. Their knowledge of your organizations scalability and security needs are invaluable.
We’ll provide clear documentation that outlines your system and network architecture and potential threats.

We’ll onboard your IT personnel and arm them with monitoring tools and dashboards that will let them know the systems are up, running, and secure.


You Get a Dedicated Team

The Capsher team is fully on-shore and Texas-based. Your job isn't getting farmed out to coders in a distant place. These are the faces we see every day–and the brains that tackle your challenges.

When you work with Capsher, your project team will include some or all of these functions depending on the scope of the project.

  • Product Consultant
  • Architect
  • Project Manager
  • Implementation and Development
  • UX Design
  • QA
  • Delivery
Capsher Technology Team

We work in plain English first, then technology.

Don’t Let Technology Drive Your Solution Design
We design your solution in English first–that’s where programming begins. Then we select the best technology for your particular problem and develop the code that makes it work. This way, you always get an optimized solution to your problem – not the best we could do with the one or two technologies we use for all of our projects!.
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whiteboard first, code second
Our team has expertise in dozens of languages, platforms, development environments, databases, operating systems, protocols, and technologies.
  • C#
  • C++
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Swift
  • Typescript
Operating Systems
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • OSX
  • Windows 10+
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Android
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Embedded Operating Systems
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • SQLite
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • InfluxDB
  • Oracle
  • Azure Devops
  • Azure Monitoring Insights
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • CMake
  • NPM
  • NuGet
  • openssl
  • Slickgrid
  • Visual Studio
  • Webpack
  • xCode tool
  • ApexCharts
  • PowerBI
  • Azure Cloud
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Docker / Containers
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Maps / Bing Maps
  • Nginx / IIS
  • RabbitMQ
  • ELK Stack
  • Heroku
  • Kubernetes
  • Grafana
  • Prometheus
  • EF Core
  • Microsoft Foundation Classes
  • Swagger Open API
  • Web Client Frameworks: Vue, React, Ember
  • Qt
  • React Native
  • Azure AD / Azure Graph API
  • Open ID Connect / SAML / IdentityServer4
  • Bootstrap
  • IdentityServer4
  • Open GL
  • Xamarin
  • GraphQL
  • Rollbar
  • Chart.js / ApexCharts
Testing Frameworks
  • Selenium
  • Test Rail
  • Appium
  • Azure Devops Test Plans
  • Gatling
  • GoogleTest
  • JMeter
  • Postman
  • xUnit
  • Fluent Assertions
  • SoapUI
Delivery Solutions
  • Azure Devops Release Pipelines
  • AppCenter
  • MSI Installers
  • NuGet
  • Docker Container Orchestration
  • Database Migrations
  • Apple AppStore
  • Google Play Store
You get the point – Our team is flexible and capable.