What We Do

Tackling Business Problems
with Custom Software


1. Discover Your World
2. Model the Problem
3. Strategize and Plan the Solution
4. Execute and Deploy

The Capsher team is always looking for the next quality problem. We thrive on challenge–the bigger the better.

Great custom software eliminates obstacles to big-picture goals. Your company will perform better than ever because we fought through the difficulties on our side.

Your company needs to evolve to succeed, and our team has the experience and fortitude to help you do that.

Learn About Our Process

Areas of Expertise


Automating Manual Process

Harness all the benefits of automation by translating your manual workflows into a custom-fitted solution.

Digital Transformation

Improve productivity and efficiency within your operations and process with the help of Capsher’s digital transformation solutions. Find out how we can help.
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Embedded Systems Integration

Be smart about the applications and middleware you integrate in your infrastructure. Capsher will design and develop embedded systems components to get the most out of your hardware.
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Engineering & Scientific Visualization

Visualizing analysis and digital twin technologies take engineering and scientific data systems to the next level. Capsher has decades of experience making data speak in a way that will add the right kind of value and information.
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Maintenance Digitalization

If it's down and broken, it's already too late. Capsher Technology is your battle-tested team ready to launch you into the world of preventative maintenance on equipment and fleets of any size and scale.
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Internet of Things (IoT)

Leverage Internet of Things IoT Technology to capture information at its point of origin. Capsher can aid you in creating a reliable and intelligent IoT framework to get more information out of the world around you.

Stopgap to Robust

Capsher can take your innovative stopgap tools and programs and turn them into powerful software that you can rely on and expand as your business needs grow.

Application Integration

Stitch together the enterprise, OTS, and custom components you use to fully utilize everything you have.
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Cloud Migration

With years of experience in Cloud computing, Capsher will customize a Cloud migration plan to suit your specific system and needs.
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Legacy Application Modernization

Stay true to what works for your business, but let Capsher work with you to bring it into today's technologies and secure environmental standards.

Frequently Tackled Problems


We work in plain English first, then technology.

Don’t Let Technology Drive Your Solution Design
We design your solution in English first–that’s where programming begins. Then we select the best technology for your particular problem and develop the code that makes it work. This way, you always get an optimized solution to your problem – not the best we could do with the one or two technologies we use for all of our projects!
Capsher Presentation
whiteboard first, code second
Our team has expertise in dozens of languages, platforms, development environments, databases, operating systems, protocols, and technologies.
Fluent in all the major tools and adaptable to fit your existing tech stack.
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