What We Do

Exceptional on purpose. We tackle your problems with a practical approach, designing solutions for real world users and delivering results

custom software development

Maintenance and Sustaining

We will help to protect your investment and keep your software solution moving at the speed your business deserves.

Quality Assurance and Delivery

Our QA and Change Management processes focus on your specific project needs to deliver success every time.

Application Integration

New software applications shouldn’t be an all or nothing proposition. Your new application must seamlessly integrate and we have you covered.

  Mobile Application Development

Get enterprise-grade mobile application development and mobile application design based on decades of experience.

Project Acceleration

We can strengthen your team to fast track project delivery and achievement of your goals.

Startup Prototyping

We design and create the right proof of concept or prototype application to move your company to the next level.

Project Rescue

We work with you to what it will take to get you back in control and on track to meet your business goals.

Tired of custom software that isn’t customized to your needs?

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custom software development areas of expertise

Areas of

Areas of

Automating Manual Processes

Let us work with you to observe your natural workflows to create a repeatable and reliable technical solution that will transform your business.

Digital Transformation

Capsher will work with you to determine the right blend of enterprise, OTS, and custom solutions for your advancing infrastructure through Digital Transformation.

Embedded System Integration

We work with you to create extensible firmware interfaces for your hardware and create rich and beautiful interactions for your end-users.

Engineering and Scientific Visualizations and Workflows

We work with you to identify what you need to know, where that information lies, and how to expose it without losing trust in your data.

Internet of Things

We’ll work with you to find the best blend of human and artificial intelligence that will help you make smart decisions quickly.

Maintenance Digitalization

If Operations and Business is outpacing your maintenance programming, we can help.

Stopgap to Robust

From a spreadsheet to an application or a full blown suite of products, we can help leverage your expertise.