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Get enterprise-grade mobile application development and mobile application design based on decades of experience.


Get Your Technology in the Hands of the Right People at the Right Time

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We build battle-tested enterprise-grade mobile software meant to arm your workers with the right tools to get their jobs done and get data in front of the right people at the right time. Mobile software is no longer a novelty or a thing of the future. If your company makes money 24/7, you need software that can work 24/7 anywhere in the world.

  • Capsher masterfully builds mobile applications that people want to use

  • Workflow design needs to start where the work gets done

  • User flows should map over the naturally evolved work that people already do

  • Design and functionality are driven by the real world, not data requirements

  • Mobile applications that add value for users are the ones that last


The Capsher App Development Process

Over the past 26 years, we’ve honed a unique and proven process for designing and building custom software solutions that offer real-world value to businesses like yours. Based on our proven process for designing custom and effective software solutions over the years, we’ve come up with a modified process for our app development service.

Do you know what to ask when hiring a custom software development company?

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Improve Reach and Customer Loyalty With Tailor-Made Mobile Apps Developed by CAPSHER

If you haven’t migrated to the mobile realm yet, there’s no better time than the present. Mobile continues to be one of the most effective platforms today for its increasingly vast reach and flexibility. Having a presence on a platform that is used by practically everyone in the world (or at least, those that matter to your business) is key to attracting prospects and keeping existing customers engaged.

To make the most of mobile and its capabilities, Capsher’s mobile app development service is an excellent way to start.

Business Advantages of Mobile Applications

Mobile apps have several benefits for your business, your customers, and your bottom line.

Improve User Experience

Custom mobile is more optimized than websites on mobile browsers. This brings significant improvements to your user experience in a time when customers often leave whenever they encounter delays and hassles in loading. The freedom that application development affords you also improves the user interface and therefore, the user experience.

Improve Sales

Customers are more likely to purchase your goods and services if they are already using your application compared to accessing your website using a web browser. They spend more time inside apps as well. This opens new avenues for marketing and upselling.

Improve Brand Loyalty

With improved user experience and having more familiarity with your products, customers will more than likely choose your business in the future again. You can even capitalize on this more with exclusive and limited offers.


Mobile App Development for all Platforms

Our team has been in the software development industry since 1994. We have the expertise, experience, and resources to build the custom mobile applications that will answer your business’s and your customers’ needs.


The sheer number of Android users on the planet makes app development for this OS a worthy challenge. Challenging, yes, because of the wide range of mobile devices running on it. It takes a certain level of mastery of app development to be able to design and develop apps that will run smoothly on all Android devices. We have that mastery.


By mainly focusing on three devices – the iPhone, the iPad, and the Apple Watch, the process of mobile app development for iOS can be more streamlined. It can also produce top-notch results with the right care given to the work. The higher brand loyalty of users of the Apple ecosystem can even translate to a degree of loyalty to your business if done right.


Reduce the time and resources needed to develop multiple apps for multiple operating systems when you choose our cross-platform mobile app development. We design, develop, and deliver apps that run on multiple platforms across multiple devices using a single code base. Our app development process is cost-effective and time-efficient.

For Trustworthy Service Based on Decades of Experience, Contact Capsher

Starting our journey in 1994, Capsher has helped countless businesses from a wide variety of industries with their software needs. We have become a trusted name among app development companies because of the care and attention to detail that goes into every project.
Our strength as software developers lies in the relationships we build with our clients. We foster integrity and accountability in our work, and it shows in the quality of the solutions we provide. Work with us and let us help build your company’s success.

Other Areas of Expertise

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Legacy Application Modernization

Stay true to what works for your business, but let Capsher work with you to bring it into today's technologies and secure environmental standards.
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Cloud Migration

With years of experience in Cloud computing, Capsher will customize a Cloud migration plan to suit your specific system and needs.

Application Integration

Stitch together the enterprise, OTS, and custom components you use to fully utilize everything you have.

Stopgap to Robust

Capsher can take your innovative stopgap tools and programs and turn them into powerful software that you can rely on and expand as your business needs grow.
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Internet of Things (IoT)

Leverage Internet of Things IoT Technology to capture information at its point of origin. Capsher can aid you in creating a reliable and intelligent IoT framework to get more information out of the world around you.
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Maintenance Digitalization

If it's down and broken, it's already too late. Capsher Technology is your battle-tested team ready to launch you into the world of preventative maintenance on equipment and fleets of any size and scale.
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Engineering & Scientific Visualization

Visualizing analysis and digital twin technologies take engineering and scientific data systems to the next level. Capsher has decades of experience making data speak in a way that will add the right kind of value and information.
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Embedded Systems Integration

Be smart about the applications and middleware you integrate in your infrastructure. Capsher will design and develop embedded systems components to get the most out of your hardware.

Digital Transformation

Improve productivity and efficiency within your operations and process with the help of Capsher’s digital transformation solutions. Find out how we can help.

Automating Manual Process

Harness all the benefits of automation by translating your manual workflows into a custom-fitted solution.