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Streamline operations and provide actionable data–to gain an advantage in a competitive marketplace.

Benefits of Custom Oil & Gas Software Design

Eliminate Brain Drain

Better User Experience

Reproducible Workflows

Specialized Tasks

Improved Agility

Secured Operations

Custom Software Built from Experience

Founded in 1994, CAPSHER Technology is a trusted software development and consulting company for an array of oil & gas industry clients. Our experts address productivity, data collection and management, security, and quality assurance challenges to develop solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

Capsher Awards

Maximize Your People And Assets

Our custom-created oil and gas software solutions span multiple technologies, from cloud to mobile, and easily integrate with existing IT infrastructure. Here are examples of what we can create:

Advanced Analytics

Contract Management Solutions

Transportation Management Software

Risk Management Software

Scheduling Solutions

Custom Training Courses

We work with you to define your problem and determine success using tangible and measurable goals and criteria. Then our team designs a solution that meets the requirements. It's all presented in a way that’s relatable to your business.
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