Mobile Application Development

CAPSHER custom mobile app consulting and development teams walk you through decisions, design, development, delivery, and beyond to keep your mobile apps at the forefront of your business.

Get Your Technology in the Hands of the Right People at the Right Time

We build battle-tested enterprise-grade mobile software meant to arm your workers with the right tools to get their jobs done and get data in front of the right people at the right time. Mobile software is no longer a novelty or a thing of the future. If your company makes money 24/7, you need software that can work 24/7 anywhere in the world.

  • CAPSHER masterfully builds mobile applications that people want to use
  • Workflow design needs to start where the work gets done
  • User flows should map over the naturally evolved work that people already do
  • Design and functionality are driven by the real world, not data requirements
  • Mobile applications that add value for users are the ones that last

Give People a Voice and the Power of Connectivity Everywhere They Go

Whatever the purpose of your mobile application, you’ll have to stand out against the millions. Whether you are providing standalone functionality or an extension of the workflows and systems you have in place, with CAPSHER you get an experienced team providing consulting, architecture, UX design, project management, development, delivery and support services to bring your vision to life.

  • Whatever your goal is, we can help
  • Functional Prototyping for a quick, working app as a proof of concept
  • Minimum Viable Product MVP that will get the job done and stand on its own, without breaking the bank
  • Full Build for a robust and beautiful end-to-end experience

Workforce Mobilization

Consumer mobile devices and wearables have been a boon for the enterprise, arming workforces with reliable and powerful hardware to perform their day-to-day jobs away from the office. Custom mobile software development can help your organization leverage these tools and build software that enhances your existing workflows.

Avoid these common pitfalls by incorporating high quality mobile apps in your workforce:

  • Mobile and mostly disconnected workforce
  • Gaps in day-to-day operations data that never makes it back to home base
  • Dropouts in complicated workflows requiring high-levels of collaboration

Put CAPSHER’s Mobile App Expertise to Work for You

We’ve been at the vanguard of mobile application development and its adoption in the enterprise since 2008. Leverage our experience working with Android, iOS, and wearables to help get your product to market faster, within budget, and at the highest degree of quality.