Be Prepared for What Comes Next After Custom Software Delivery

Delivery is just the starting point in the life of your software solution. Know what Support and/or Sustaining service you’ll be getting. 

Read on for part 8 of our series: 10 Questions to ask any Custom Software Development Team Before you Sign the Dotted Line.

Unless you have experience with developing software, you probably aren’t too confident in vetting either the companies or their proposed solutions and services. How can you ensure the dollars and time you invest will return real value? What is the right approach to shopping for such a highly technical service?

We created a bank of non-technical questions you should ask every custom software development company you are considering. These questions will help you determine if the providers you are considering have the right experience, philosophy, and approach to deliver real success for your project. Today’s question is:  

What Happens After the Software is Delivered?

Why is This Important? You have commissioned custom software to solve a specific business problem. How can you be sure the delivered software actually meets your expectations? It is important to understand how the firm you are talking to handles acceptance. What does ‘done’ look like? Who approves a delivery? It is natural to think a software development project ends when coding is finished and a solution is released, but that is just the starting point in the life of your solution. It is important to know what types of Support and/or Sustaining service the company has to offer.

What to Listen For: First, find out if they have full lifecycle services available and the staff to support them. Most custom software firms plan their resources months in advance, so ask about their availability and dedication to your success. You will not want to have to hire a different team after delivery to sustain your new custom software solution. Next, find out how you will be supported after delivery, and what “done” means. Finally, they should be willing to have open discussions about these services up front, and give you options for service agreement models before you’re desperate for help.

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