Automating Payroll Prep for a Fast Growing Restaurant Chain

The Challenge

This client is a rapidly growing, fast-casual restaurant chain with over 20 locations from California to Florida.  It had a major payroll problem.  It was taking an excel spreadsheet, printouts from their POS system, three people in Accounting, highlighters, and three days’ time to get the numbers they needed to enter into their payroll system to cut accurate checks. The client wanted to go from 236 person-days of human work/year to a reliable, quick and automated system for preparing payroll input.

CAPSHER Approach

CAPSHER built a completely automated data aggregator and calculations engine that integrates into the client’s POS system and generates a report the payroll system can use to cut accurate checks. The application collects the necessary timekeeping and labor data, uses work that store managers were already doing, runs the complex calculations required by its business and personnel structure including tip shares, and makes data ready for import to the payroll and accounting system so paychecks can be cut on time and in the right amounts.

The Results

Their accounting department went from three people doing three days of manual checking of every line of every employee’s timesheets every two weeks to an automated report they could trust and use immediately. The total number of users of the system is about 100.

About the Project

CAPSHER deployed a team consisting of consulting, architecture, implementation, QA/Delivery and project management to complete this project.

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