Getting the Right Custom Software Team

Will I have a well rounded team of experts to guide me through every step of this process? Or a handful of spec-and-req coders?

Read on for part 2 of our series: 10 Questions to ask any Custom Software Development Team Before you Sign the Dotted Line.

Unless you have experience with developing software, you probably aren’t too confident in vetting either the companies or their proposed solutions and services. How can you ensure the dollars and time you invest will return real value? What is the right approach to shopping for such a highly technical service?

We created a bank of non-technical questions you should ask every custom software development company you are considering. These questions will help you determine if the providers you are considering have the right experience, philosophy, and approach to deliver real success for your project. Today’s question is:  

What Will the Team Look Like?

Why is This Important? Custom software isn’t just about getting code in place. The process of identifying business value, crafting a solution, and implementing that solution well requires a team of talent well beyond programming. Make sure you are getting a crew of experienced individuals that will provide you top notch consulting, strategy, planning, design and implementation.

What to Listen For: First, spending a lot of time with a salesperson, to be transitioned directly into implementation probably means your expectations won’t be met. You need to spend time with someone representing consulting to learn about their process and begin to formulate a solution, and they need to give you the opportunity to teach them about what you need and why. Next, you should expect to have more than a couple people contributing to your project. The full stack project manager-designer-developer- delivery specialist is a one in a billion find, and it’s unlikely you stumbled into one. Finally, if you aren’t getting much information about the actual roles and responsibilities of team members, get proactive and ask. A team of one, or a very limited range of skills and expertise limits your potential for a well-rounded success.

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