Architecting a Robust Information Powerhouse Leveraging IoT, Integrated Systems, Digital Transformation, and Getting it All Into the Cloud

Leveraging IoT, Integrated Systems, Digital Transformation, and Getting it All Into the Cloud

At our introduction, our client was a mid to high level professional, overseeing multiple departments in a large and massively successful corporation. He was facing many challenges trying to get new efforts off the ground while simultaneously getting buy-in and support from their IT department and the seemingly endless red tape around standing up these products and/or prototypes just to see if they would work.

He had very specific ideas of what he needed applications and systems to do to help their business operate more smoothly and efficiently, while still mapping directly over and fitting into the work they were already doing. At the core, manually collected information was not making its way up communication channels, and delays caused by inefficient equipment maintenance was becoming a drag on profitable work.

The Challenge

The typical IT response, when he approached them to get some of these ideas brought to life and field tested, was to find off the shelf options that could fit the workflows and data sets he needed coverage on.

He knew none of the available options could give him the specificity of use for end users, or the ability to combine the data he wanted and needed in a seamless way so the right information and indicators could be extrapolated to report on their very specialized nationwide operation.

CAPSHER Approach

He found his way to CAPSHER, by way of word of mouth referrals. He got in contact, and brought us a couple of spreadsheets that gave a glimpse of the various types of information and data that needed to be dealt with, and was able to describe the purpose and need driving his interest in a custom solution.

From there, we were able to create a model based on the real world they worked in day to day. From that model, and collaborating heavily with their team to learn about what information was important, why it was important, and what they needed to be able to do with it before during and after it was being handled within the solution we were scoping.

We created an intentful architecture to handle the communication, data handling, processing, management, integrations, and visualization that would arm their organization with powerful insight into the very widespread operational system that was already in place.

The Results

Together we created a seamless collection, cleaning and collation of meaningful information, based on real data, created and collected at its point of origin. This provided a single source of good, clean, meaningful data that could be used beyond the department. This was a massive value adding win within the organization, and impacted how multiple other areas of the organization were able to do their jobs.

About the Project

This is an effort that started from an idea, a need, and a solid understanding of the operational world that previously had no good way to communicate timely, accurate, and reliable information into the centralized organization. This system, and the multiple applications that were eventually created to serve as tools that gave a voice to the people working out in operations, and allowed them to share their expertise and invaluable insights with the teams making decisions that would impact operability, efficiency, and profitability for the entire organization.

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