Ensuring You’ll Get the Communication and Transparency You Need

Communication and transparency are key. Don’t set yourself up to get left in the dark on your own project.

Read on for part 6 of our series: 10 Questions to ask any Custom Software Development Team Before you Sign the Dotted Line.

Unless you have experience with developing software, you probably aren’t too confident in vetting either the companies or their proposed solutions and services. How can you ensure the dollars and time you invest will return real value? What is the right approach to shopping for such a highly technical service?

We created a bank of non-technical questions you should ask every custom software development company you are considering. These questions will help you determine if the providers you are considering have the right experience, philosophy, and approach to deliver real success for your project. Today’s question is:  

How and When Will You Communicate with Me? 

Why is This Important? We’ll say it again, developing custom software always requires a strong partnership between the client and their chosen firm. You are not just hiring contractors. You are creating a team that must build relationships, trust, and good communication habits. You should not have to ask for updates. They should come reliably and consistently. Be proactive in setting your expectations for updates and meetings and have those meetings even if there is little to report. Accountability and transparency are key to staying on track.

What to Listen For: First, you want to hear about a development process that includes you weekly at a minimum. You should expect to hear about the use of messaging applications, email, phone calls, status reports, video conference calls, and face-to-face meetings. Next, you need to know how to expect specific notifications and updates. You should never have to sift through emails, messages, and voice mails to find answers. Consistency and reliability are key. Finally, you need to know that your time is valued, important, and won’t be wasted. Your team should show up on time, be organized and ready to get the most out of every minute spent together.

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