Transport, Logistics, & Supply Chain Management

Maximize the potential of your operations with custom transport, logistics, and supply chain management software solutions.
Now more than ever, customers want the products they buy to arrive on time and in ideal condition. Custom Software is the optimal way to deliver a best-in-class customer experience while boosting your bottom line.


What’s Custom Logistics Software?

Custom logistics software is developed, tested, and implemented explicitly to meet a company’s unique needs. It doesn’t require altering existing business processes to match pre-developed features of a standard logistics software. Although more expensive than an off-the-shelf solution, custom software’s comprehensive and tailored nature enables costs to be recovered very quickly.
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Comprehensive SCM Logistics Software Development

Whether you’re in the business of storing products, moving them, or both, CAPSHER Technology helps you streamline your processes. We specialize in the development of custom software that simplifies your entire process lifecycle, from entry and fulfillment to inventory management, packing, shipping, and tracking. Integration with GPS navigation and mobile tracking makes it easy to follow deliveries in real-time, benefiting you and your customers.
Management Solutions
Data collected is only good if you can analyze it effectively. Custom software helps you build, manage, and understand data, enabling you to make sound decisions and accurately predict demand.
Fleet Compliance
A custom-developed solution improves the management of fleets, vehicles, and other assets. Regular maintenance can prolong vehicle lifespans and avoid unwanted downtime or compliance violations. This is perfect for all transit modes, including trucks, vessels, aircraft, trains, and bicycles.
Inventory Controls
With custom software, you won’t have to check another box on a clipboard again. Our team can help you automate workflow and maintain complete control over every item on your shelves.
Navigation And Mapping
Connect and track your fleet and driver performance. Optimal route planning lowers delivery times, which is advantageous for you and your client.
Monitoring On The Go
Many products must be moved under controlled circumstances. Examples include produce, dairy products, and medicines. When paired with the appropriate sensors, custom software allows you to monitor conditions like temperature and humidity during loading, transit, and unloading.
Process Synchronization
Often, different departments within an organization rarely interact. Separating vital business processes means duplicated work, more frequent mistakes, and unnecessary expenses. Connecting interrelated departments to one system can boost performance.
Partner Support
Custom software helps you keep tabs on clients and their contracts. Centralizing data improves the customer experience, which can result in more business for your company.
We work with you to define your problem and determine success using tangible and measurable goals and criteria. Afterward, our team designs a solution that meets the requirements. All information is presented in a way that’s relatable to your business, including language and terminology.

Do you know what to ask when hiring a custom software development company?

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Benefits Of Custom Logistics Software

If you aren’t using custom logistics software, now is the right time to get started. Software tailored for your systems and processes not only optimizes productivity and client satisfaction but significantly reduces errors and expenses.
Improves Efficiency
Creating visibility for the receipt and carriage of goods can further improve production effectiveness. Item quantities, movement in and out of a location, condition, location in transit, and estimated end destination arrival times are trackable. Data can be presented in an easy-to-understand manner and analyzed to find areas where processes may be optimized or disruptions can be avoided.
Better Planning And Execution
Accurate scheduling is critical for successful logistics. Custom-developed software supports operations by keeping track of the current situation, such as sending notifications or reminders. It also helps you plan deliveries by taking into account real-time volumes. If production ticks up or scales back, custom software can help avoid inefficient freight loading.
Our software is scalable, which is helpful over the long run. As you grow to meet demand, it can take on the extra workload without missing the mark.
Saves Time
With custom software developed by CAPSHER Technology, internal processes can be streamlined and automated. Examples include digital processing and authorizing, enabling you to speed up workflow and curb physical paperwork usage.
Reduces Costs
One of the primary advantages of software developed specifically for your logistics organization is cutting expenses. The money saved can be utilized in other ways to expand your reach.
Eliminates Errors
You can hire the best employees, but this won’t guarantee error-free work. Automation of tasks with custom software leads to higher levels of accuracy and precision.
Data Security

Storing vital documentation in folders on endless shelves makes data hard to find and highly vulnerable. Anyone can access, copy, or alter them. Furthermore, disasters like hurricanes, tornados, floods, and fires can destroy records. Custom software, however, keeps your data safe.

Data is stored electronically instead of in a physical form, so it can’t be destroyed or deleted without your approval. You can also manage access to vulnerable information, permitting only eligible employees to view certain types of information.


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