Digital Business Maintenance

Go digital without compromise. CAPSHER custom maintenance digitalization systems meet your unique business needs and minimize unplanned downtime.

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Unplanned Downtime is a Triple Threat: Lower Productivity, Higher Expenses, and Reduced Revenue

When your capital assets are critical to the core business, unplanned downtime is a nightmare. Companies wanting to minimize downtime realize how critical the right maintenance system is for keeping it in check.

Operations team needs timely, accurate, and reliable equipment health information

Informed, on the spot decisions impact planning, maintenance, performance, and customer satisfaction, good or bad

Digitized and automated workflows reduce labor costs and create new management insight

Old manual processes and applications can’t keep up with today’s business

CAPSHER Custom Software Digitalizes Maintenance to Minimize Unplanned Downtime

CAPSHER builds custom maintenance digitalization systems to give decision-makers relevant information based on your organization’s maintenance data. The end result is better decisions, optimized maintenance operations, and reduced unplanned downtime. We build practical, targeted, intelligent tools and systems that you can be confident will grow and evolve with your business.

How Do I Know I Need a More Intelligent Maintenance System?

Symptoms that indicate that your company needs maintenance digitalization include:
  • People don’t trust the data, and don’t use the tools
  • Manual is the norm, but there’s no transparency or history
  • People avoiding the systems that are too slow and get in the way of real-work
  • Chaos is the norm and guarantees are a pipe dream
  • The blame game is strong, and excuses are constantly thrown around

Can I Get an Off-the-Shelf Software Package to Fix This?

The hope is that a “perfect fit” software package can be plucked off-the-shelf, tweaked, and the business will run smoothly. The reality is that packaged solutions always come with compromises that leave the end-users to fill in the gaps.

What you WILL get with OTS:

  • Generic workflows, screens full of tables, limited integrations, and configuration (NOT customization)
  • Limited or no support of the relevant maintenance information data sources like human operator experiences, sensor and SCADA data, and tie-ins with enterprise applications
  • Limited or no understanding of what your field personnel, maintenance workers, logistics team and sales reps need, or why they need it, and why its a priority
  • Forced into adapting your operation to the limitations of their packaged product(s)

Tired of software that isn’t customized to your needs?

Schedule a 30 minute, virtual operations evaluation with our custom software team today!

What Kinds of Insights and Gains Can I Expect from Maintenance Digitalization?

When companies invest in an intelligent maintenance solution they are investing in building tools, workflows, and automation that fit their business, people and purpose. This unlocks gains in employee engagement, productivity thru digitalization, and enables transparency and accountability from top to bottom. Get history at your fingertips, workflows that make sense and save time, increased collaboration, transparency and actionable intel to make data driven decisions top to bottom.

How can I be sure a custom maintenance solution will work in my organization?

Our custom maintenance solutions are built for purpose to match your business and IT needs. We design them to be secure, scalable, and robust. We can integrate with major IoT systems, EAM, CMMS, and CRM systems. We use mature technologies that are easy to maintain and support. Instead of a black box with no ability to change, you will get a rich ecosystem that your organization can grow and maintain.

  • Industrial grade security technology and protocols
  • Scale across multiple sites, product lines, devices, shops, and devices
  • Robust and are designed to work in rough environments
  • Work with your IT portfolio to build for your organization
  • Deploy on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid approach