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Read on for part 7 of our series: 10 Questions to ask any Custom Software Development Team Before you Sign the Dotted Line.

Unless you have experience with developing software, you probably aren’t too confident in vetting either the companies or their proposed solutions and services. How can you ensure the dollars and time you invest will return real value? What is the right approach to shopping for such a highly technical service?

We created a bank of non-technical questions you should ask every custom software development company you are considering. These questions will help you determine if the providers you are considering have the right experience, philosophy, and approach to deliver real success for your project. Today’s question is:  

What is Your Experience with Projects Like Mine?

Why is This Important? With over 50,000 custom software development firms in the US alone, the category includes many different types of firms that specialize in different aspects of software – business functions, vertical industries, specific technologies, website development and more. It is important that your custom software development firm has the experience necessary to meet your needs. They should be able to explain to you why their technical experience is applicable to you.You know the details and risks of your software project that are specific to you. When describing your situation, you should provide clarity and transparency of those details. Then you can ask specifically about the experience the software development team has solving those problems.

What to Listen For: First, if they have the experience you are looking for, they’ll be able to tell you about successful projects similar to yours. They may also offer case studies or white papers. Next, in talking through similar projects, you should get an indication of how good they are at listening to you and understanding your problem(s). Finally, throughout these conversations, you should be hearing constant references to the challenges you outlined being reflected back to you. If they can’t tell you about relevant experience in terms of your real world, it’s unlikely that they can create a solution to fit into it. Whether they don’t have the experience, or they misunderstood your problem and told you about irrelevant work, both are red flags.

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