Are You Making This Fatal Software Mistake?

You roll out that shiny new software solution, all ready to show your organization how this bigger, badder approach will rain havoc on their business woes…

And your software solution fails.

  • It doesn’t do what it was supposed to. 
  • It causes more problems than it solves. 
  • It doesn’t play well with existing solutions.
  • Your end-users just don’t like it and won’t use it. 
  • All that dev time and money, up in smoke.

We’ve all been there, and it hurts. What went wrong?

A Mistake at the Start

It’s the same mistake some generals make; they pay more attention to the size and specs of their missiles than they do to the target they want to take out. 

I’m talking about letting technology pick your target instead of the other way around.

This can sound like “Platform X is definitely the most powerful,” or “Being able to tie into this new CRM is key.” 

Statements like these from your software developer often hint at a deeper theme – they might not have the skillset to design what you need, so they keep steering you back to their less-than-adequate solutions. Or maybe it’s even more basic than that. Maybe they fall back on weak but familiar tech tools and tweak, twist, and torture them until they yield a passable product. 

It’s the same mistake each time. 

We let the technology we have (or don’t have) drive us, and we end up with less-than-useful results.

The Fix

Let your end goal dictate the technology you’ll use to hit the target.

Easy to say; hard to do. Especially if you’re working with a sub-par software development contractor. 

In fact, you don’t need a contractor. You need an ally- someone who can help you hit those end targets using the right tech, someone who thinks about the business first and the tech second.

The right software consulting company will meet you on your terrain, understand what true business success will look like, and work with you to design a solution that meets your needs. To an ally like that, your specific tech stack isn’t a problem. They’ll take it into account and design a final product that uses your existing technology where it best fits.

Where your current software and systems fall short, they will reinforce or replace them with new tech tools and software. In the end, you’ll have a software solution that works.

We’re talking software that excels at meeting your real-world needs. 

  • Your people in the trenches are more efficient.
  • Your command center gains better intel with accurate reports.
  • Your company cruises over obstacles that used to knock the treads off.
  • You workflows are fast and reliable.
  • Your bottom line rises to new and unexpected heights.


Meet Your New Ally

At Capsher, we put business goals first. 

Don’t worry though, that doesn’t mean we don’t have the chops to deliver on specific technical requirements. We come equipped with years and years of experience in many different programming environments and tech stacks. Once we understand your needs, we design (with precision) the specific tools that will meet them.

Capsher is committed to solutions that are practical, real-world, results-oriented, and relationship-driven. 


You have existing software and systems. 

No need to flush those to create custom solutions. We design with your existing software structures in mind, leveraging your past investments. 

We do work that makes sense.

Real World

Capsher starts by learning and listening. 

  • How do you do your job?
  • What are your real-world concerns? 
  • What are your potential pitfalls? 
  • What are your strong points?

Our solutions can then extend your capabilities instead of forcing you to figure out the best workarounds. If you’re paying for a solution, it should solve a real problem.

Results Oriented

If your problem was easy to solve, you would have solved it already. 

The difference that our solutions make in your world should be apparent from the start. We will iterate until we see results.

We’re here to join up and add our umph. We can partner with you to get to the win.

Relationship Driven

Capsher will fight alongside you to get you a solution that works–a solution that smashes your business goals and takes no prisoners.

Did you catch that? 

We’re in the fight with you. 

We learn your lingo. We map your patterns and constraints. Then we keep you in the loop through the process, so we can adapt, overcome, and move on to the next target.

Capsher + You = Victory

At Capsher, we’re not looking for an easy way to get you a solution. We’re looking for the best way, and we’re willing to fight for it.

Our objective is to get you the victory; a software solution that just works better.

Call us today.