Bridging the Gap: How Capsher Helps Turn Your Unique Business Problem Into Your Custom Software Solution

In our previous installment, we discussed how to identify the gaps you might be facing with your current software solutions. After identifying these gaps, you may ask, “what’s next?” You might be thinking, “How do we go from identifying a gap to bridging it?” Great question!  Identifying a problem is the easy part. Making sure you are well centered over the Real problem and what Real success in solving it looks like, is EVERYTHING.  

Diving into Your World and Identifying the Real Problem

Gaps and problems and inefficiencies, Oh My!  These may seem too complicated and may have your head spinning.  So what’s the key to making it all make sense?  Simplify.  Turn the chaos of trying to identify the problem into organization and understanding.  You and your company are experts in your industry, your business, your processes… your World.  Capsher is not just an expert in technology but also in gaining knowledge about your business and helping to develop a technology roadmap that aligns with business success. Our Product Consultants and your Product Champion join forces to create a Product Team that works with key people, key processes, and key information to create a view of your World and a simplified understanding of the real problem you are trying to solve.

Modeling the Problem

The first thing the Product Team will do is collaborate and “whiteboard it out,” in order to draw out a reflection of your real world. One of the first phases of any successful operation is about relentlessly plunging into the details of the complication you’re facing. 

Where some software companies begin looking at your technical issues looking for technical solutions, Capsher begins looking at your business processes and identifying where there are inefficiencies and understanding the source. Our goal is to create a visual representation of all of the moving pieces of a workflow or a process in order to paint a picture of your business. This might even lead to the realization that you’re not only dealing with a technical issue, but also a business-based one. Not all problems have a technical solution.  Either way, we’re committed to entrenching ourselves alongside you in the fight to map out your world and identify the key areas that need to be addressed.

It’s this kind of relationship-based, “outside the box” thinking that leads us to properly focus our strategy.  You may not know all the technical slang or have the knowledge base required to design a solution, but you do have the understanding of your own business processes. This is a vital factor in designing the correct software solution. 

Modeling the Solution

Once we have an understanding of the key workflows and processes involved in your problem, we can now begin to discuss and model the solution. Just like when we model the problem, we also create a visual representation of the solution.  What does the ideal successful solution look like? Looking at the current state of your world and what a practical, ideal solution looks like, we can put “eyes” on the specific areas of concern. Then, we discuss the impact that each one has on your business success and identify and prioritize the correct approach to solving them.  

The goal on this step is to put together a Solution Road Map.  Understanding the areas of concern and the most important ones to tackle first, we lay out a plan to knock them out and get you on the road to success.

An important note to consider is this entire process has little to do with technical talk.  We discuss the solution in terms of your business…plain English.  Practical.  Real World. With a solid plan in place and key targets to focus on, Capsher brings in Architecture, UX Design, Implementation Leads, and Delivery Expertise to break the plan down further and begin execution.

What Does Capsher Need From Me?

You and your company are highly involved in the process, both in identifying the problem and solution. Let’s alleviate any fears you might have that you need to define everything perfectly, on the first try, with no revisions. Capsher is not a “spec & rec” shop. 

There is no requirement from you to identify all the features, details, and interfaces. This is a partnership forged through our ability to adapt to your every demand. We simply ask for access to you, your business, your key personnel, your real-world. This is a partnership, and we are here to guide you along the path to a solution that solves the underlying problem.

Do we expect you to bring to the table a pre-designed solution? No! Not at all! You are the domain expert for your business and our team is ready to help you discover a successful software solution through understanding your world in order to model the problem and what a successful solution would look like. Once aligned, we put a plan in place to execute the solution. Capsher has a fail-fast mentality. Software development is a results-oriented journey. Clearly communicating and aligning is hard without something “in-hand” and tangible. Our Road Map approach takes this into consideration. 

Capsher Technology has over three decades of experience delivering solutions that target real-world problems and are designed for real-world end users. Your company is unique and you deserve a custom software solution that moves at the speed of your business. Our team is standing by, ready to deliver. Give us a call and let’s start mapping out your road to success.